Hello there

I'm Anniken, a 23-year old newly graduated designer.

Like any true daughter of a nerd my love for graphic design started when I pirated Photoshop at the age of 12. Creating imagery and putting it up on Piczo or MySpace was, like for many in my generation, my biggest hobby. Buying my own SLR camera at 14 and studying Media and Communication introduced me to a range of mediums and platforms like film making, radio, photography and more.

At 18 I moved to Oslo and started studying design. I also became politically active and during the 2015 campaign I had the pleasure of creating imagery for the Liberal Party. As of July 2017 I will have graduated with a BA in graphic design from Middlesex University in London.

I'm currently taking on work and looking for full-time work so if you'd like to get in touch message me on whatever platform you like the best!

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